middle years photos Later years army truck used by the Polish army
Present years voyteks journey planner
Early years photos
greg daytons collection
contact page link Voytek's sculpture
voyteks special beer reserve
Robert Broomfield's paintings.
Books about Poland and Wojtek.
articles newspapers and magazines
Collectors edition of Wojtek photo album.
The complete story on DVD
produced by Animal Monday.
(Braidmade Films)
Voytek the Soldier Bear
by Garry Paulin.
American truck used
by the Polish army.
Articles newspapers
Greg Dayton's collection.
Contact page.
Wojtek's journey planner.
Wojtek sculpture
by David Harding.
Robert Broomfield's Blue
Peter paintings.
Books about Poland
and Wojtek.
Early years.
Middle years.
Later years.
Present years.
Wojtek special reserve
a celebatory brew specially
commissioned by Beartown brewery.

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