Original condition
Lt Stanislaw Krol

Born April 25, 1908 in Krakow, Poland. Father was a professor of mathematics and natural sciences and his Mother was an art critic. They both belonged to various scientific associations and exclusive sports clubs, explorers and pioneer mountain climbers and skiers.

High school studies in Vienna and Krakow, graduating in 1927. University Engineering studies in the Mining and metallurgy Academy of Krakow. Hobbies included ski competition, rowing and car racing at an international level.

Military service completed in the engineering Reserve in Modlin-Warsaw (1931/32). Promoted to Second Lieutenant of Engineers. In July 1939 called up for active military service, and September 1939 sent to the war front. With the bombings of Warsaw wife lost only son. She escaped to Bulgaria with the Bulgarian diplomatic corps.

Lt Krol continued fighting a small resistance unit until winter when they were captured by the Soviet Army in the Carpathian Mountains, during a fierce snow storm. Seriously wounded was sent to prison at a forced labor camp at Vorkuta (Near the Polar Artic). Two years later escaped and organized an armed group with other escapees. With the general amnesty he rejoined the Polish Army, finally reaching Egypt going through Afghanistan, Persia, Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Palestine (1942). He was assigned to the 8th English Army in Abassia- Cairo and Tel-El-Kebir, Ismalia.? He received various armament courses and participated in the African and Italian campaigns. He was promoted to Lieutenant of the Engineering, Electrical and Metallurgical Corps (REME).

He reached England in 1946 and acted as Barracks Officer and instructor of the reassignment camps for two years before being demobilized.

He received the medal Woyska, Monte Casino cross, British 39 star, Italy star, Africa Star.

He lived in Argentina, mostly working at the Tamet metallurgical plant in Buenos Aires. He passed away in Cracow on December 25th, 1967.

25th of Sept till 6th of October, 1939 , resistance against Germans
Taken prisoner the 6th of October, escaped
4th of November taken prisoner by the NKVD
21st of February 1940 sent to the POW camp in Charkowa, Ukraine
6th of July sent to POW camp in Jugid-Woz, Siberia
27th of August freed under amnesty
7th of November joined the 11th Light Artillery Regiment as a second Lieutenant
31st of March, 1942 crossed into Iran
14th of May reached Palestine