A collection of Wojtek paintings

Original condition
by Robert Broomfield

In 1970 I was commissioned by the BBC to create a series of watercolours to be used for a Blue Peter programme illustrating the story about a soldier bear called Wojtek. An interesting anomaly for those astute enough to notice was in the brief it said he took a bath but in reality there were no baths in the desert only showers, an oversight but it only adds to the charm of this famous bear’s life.
I continued to contribute drawings and watercolour illustrations to Blue Peter until 2006.  Altogether a total of well over 3,500 pictures

Robert Broomfield: b 1930 Brighton. 1949-1954 studied illustration at Brighton College of Art. While still a student, illustrated a Somerset Maugham short story for Picture Post, followed by further commissions. Then joined the creative group in S H Benson's advertising agency in Kingsway, London. Then left to begin working free-lance in 1958. Designed a series of posters for National Savings and greetings telegrams for the GPO

Early in the 1960's, commissioned by The Bodley Head to illustrate a children's picture book, Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonderful Cats.  This was my first book five other titles followed with some published in America and one in Japan as well.

In 1963, Oliver Postgate asked me to draw the illustrative captions for The Mermaid's Pearls for ITV. This was followed by,  Little Watha, shown on BBC TV. and then Biddy Baxter, Blue Peter’s editor, invited me to illustrate Children on the Oregon Trail in eight episodes for the programme.
During this period, contributed illustrative cartoons to various magazines.
Provided regular monthly sketches to Good Housekeeping over ten years. Also contributed for many years to Choice magazine.

Married in 1960, Megan, a nurse. Two children, Seth and  Sophia.